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Dritte Generation des Surface Pro Tablets ab 20.Juni 2014

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What adhesive for my Surface Pro 3 1631 screen replacement?

I am replacing my Surface Pro 3 Screen and the had to trash the adhesive that was there. What adhesive should I use? (Tape or a tube type adhesive)

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3M makes a high strength 2 sided adhesive for exterior purposes in 1/4 inch width and 1\2 inch width


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I recommend using Tesa 4695 which is basically red transparent double sided tape. I've been using similar tape for adhering the Pro 3 screens onto the Surface.

I would recommend Tesa 61395 but that is too thin for this use case.

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Finally someone that knows about adhesives... Thanks for the info, will try it on other repairs as well !


3M 9474LE 300LSE, same thickness as Tesa.

Used it on my Surface 2. Comes in sheets, cut to desired width.


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To my way of thinking, MS way over does it with the adhesive they use. It seems they DON”T WANT you to be able to fix your broken Surface devices. It is next to impossible to remove the LCD without shattering it. Why would you want to do the same? I just use a 1/2 inch strip of adhesive in the middle of each side. If you do anything that would knock that loose, it would break the glass anyway. But if I ever need to open the Surface again, it is possible to do it without breaking the LCD.

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