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The DZ09 is a Chinese smart watch with basic features and the ability to make calls. These can be as cheap as $10! (Yes, you read that correctly!)

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Can I replace my camera glass?

I was playing the other day when a tiny rock hit my camera glass and scratched it badly, and now the image is blurry, any way to fix? Also, is it fine if I just leave it without camera glass? P.S, please don't recommend toothpaste, it doesn't work.

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no you can't replace the glass on this watch but if you could the glass and the tools you would need to fix it would be more than 20$. So you can buy a new one if it's so bad (link below)

Smartwatch DZ09:


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I already have a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive and plenty of flathead screwdrivers.


I was looking for replacement glass for this product but I was unable to find it. I assume they don't even sell it because the product is so cheap.


This reminds me of the projectors in my school. the bulbs costs 2x more than the projector itself.


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Mera screen glass break ho gaya hai

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