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The Toyota Platz is a supermini automobile that was manufactured in Japan by Toyota from 1999 through to 2005. Designated by Toyota as the XP10 series, the Platz was sold in export markets as either the Toyota Echo or Toyota Yaris.

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Why is the rear footwell of my car getting so wet from the heater?

I have a 2005 Echo and water is coming out of the heater unit at the rear footwell. It is rain water which must getting in from the front of the car under the windshield. We live in a very wet part of the world. Why is water getting in to the heating system and how do I stop it. There is no way it is the air conditioning system, I you lived here you wound understand why we do not have it on in the winter and there is no smell of antifreeze.

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If as you say it is coming out of the heater vents and only in the back, then I doubt it would be rainwater. It could be that the heater is leaking internally and it is only a slow drip. Such then when you park up overnight enough runs down through the heater ducts and in to the back. Or because it rains so much you must use your windscreen demister which is actually your A/C. If your drain plug/hose is plugged up it will overflow and run back through the system on the path of least resistance and make its way in to the back. Under the car, near the firewall/bulkhead, where the transmission and engine connect you should see a rubber bung hose. It should be unclogged and free of debris. If it isn't clean it out. Your mystery water problem may just resolve itself.

If it were rain, it would not just leak in to that part of the system.

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The drain hose did not seem to be blocked. The air filter in the passenger side glove box was clogged with leaves etc. Once this was cleaned out the water stopped entering the car. Problem solved. It was not rain water and the radiator water was not changing so I can only conclude it was condensation from the defogger using the AC. Somehow the condensation from the A/C gets into the car if the glove box air filter is clogged.


Awesome, thanks for the update. Glad you fixed it :)


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