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Model A1419 / Ende 2013 / 3,2 und 3,4 GHz Core i5 oder 3,5 GHz Core i7 Prozessor, ID iMac14,2

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Where did my desktop icons go when OS was upgraded

All my personal desktop icons disappeared when the OS upgraded. Can they be restored?

Don’t know what to tell you that would be helpful. I accepted an update to OS 10.13.1 and upon completion several hours later I no longer had any icons on my desktop that lowered there before; several of which were folders containing the text & WORD files I created over the last couple years. I CAN’T FIND THEM ANYWHERE. Very frustrating.

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What was your original OS and what are you running now? Also is your system a Fusion Drive config?


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you could check to see if there is folder called previous system or incompatible software. some times it is a hidden folder.

If there is a previous system folder then it is likely that you can recover then from there alternative if you have been using time machine you can find them there.

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