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The Toyota RAV4 was redesigned for the 2006 model year using an all-new platform and was first unveiled at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Losing power when step on throttle, like a citing battery

Rav 4 4 cyl. Start car idle is low and rough. When I. Step on the throttle engine lite comes on along with other waring lite as if the battery is slowly citing Had this same pblm 7 months ago. Replaced the battery and alternator only to fined it was the alt fuse. 3 weeks later same thing happened. Replaced the same fuse. All was fine until 2 days ago. So tested the battery and alt with a multimeter . Battery was fine but alt giving me NBS from 9 to 11 to 14 as volts. I replaced the fuse the alternator and belt. Same problems when I start it. Any ideas???


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That's dying battery


@jimfixer what do you think. Alternator possible?


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@maddogmike this is unlikely to be your battery since the alternator will take over when your vehicle is running. Since you already had to replace the fuses a couple of times etc. and the voltages seem to be a bit off, I suggest you start with a new alternator. Depending on where in the world you are, you could get the alternator checked with a load to see if it is starting to fail.

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Hi @oldturkey03 ,

The way I read it he's already replaced the alternator.

"...I replaced the fuse the alternator and belt."

Perhaps it is the regulator, but I thought that it was incorporated into the alternator these days?


@jayeff you are of course absolutely right.

@maddogmike which fuse blew exactly and did you check the other fuses like EFI1 EFI2 and EFI main? I am wondering why you seem to blow the fuses and have a somewhat low alternator output. Have you checked your wiring as well as the battery cables etc.? do you have access to a OBD scanner? Would be nice to know if it throws a code. Your symptoms itself could be anything from bad fuel pressure to crankshaft position sensor etc.


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There is a possibility that the problem is in the ECM You may need to reset the modual . What is likely happening is the modual memory was corrupted by a bad voltage regulator as mentioned by @jayeff . Try this as a fix disconnect the battery and turn on the headlights and leave the car for a good 2-3 hours . This is to drain any residual power from memory of the ECM. Then reconnect the battery and start the car let the car idle for 10 minutes before touching the gas . Its very important that you don't rev the engine during the ten minute idle as the ECM is reprograming itself .For the next little while the ECM will be learning your driving habits so drive it similar to breaking in a new car . Before doing this though it would be a good idea to check the engine codes as mentioned by @oldturkey03 this way you have the codes as resetting the ECM will delete any engine codes. Hope this helps

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