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13.3" flip-top, touchscreen laptop (SVF13NA1UL).

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Why does my Sony Vaio randomly turn off and need to be reset everyday?

My sony vaio flip randomly stops turning on once a day. The only way to turn it back on is by removing the internal battery and restarting it. Whats causing the shut downs and how do I fix it?

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I assume that the laptop is supposed to be continually on, is this correct?

Have you checked that the fan is running and that the exhaust vent is clear so that the laptop is not overheating?

If the fan vent is blocked, use a vacuum cleaner (using short bursts) to clear the vent. Do this with the laptop turned off so as to not damage the fan.

If the fan is not running then here is a link that shows how to open the laptop to access the fan

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Also, download Battery Eater to check the health of your battery.


My computer is off and in my backpack, it will turn on during some morning classes but then stops turning on (even if plugged in), till I get a chance to remove the battery and reset.



What happens if you leave the battery out and try to run it straight from the adapter?



I've never tried, but I will attempt it next time it shuts down.


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