Repair and disassembly guides for Motion Computing tablets.

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Motion Computing LE1700 power problems


I have a Motion Computing LE1700 which I use for Off Road navigation. A very good and sturdy machine.

It has been upgraded to WIN 7 (64bit) and 128GB SSD with 4GbRam, and runs fairly well considering it's age and limited usage - mainly Nav/GPS software.

Problem is - the batteries (internal and external) are dead and will not charge.

I found "new" ones on e-bay, but that did not change the situation. It works fine when connected to Home charger, and Vehicle charger, but dies as soon as I disconnect.

I also suspect the charger connection may be faulty while on the move with the vehicle's vibrations.

Is there a way to operate it without a battery? Is there a way to connect directly to the MB?

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Hi @yuvalm56 ,

If you are going to connect straight to the motherboard you may as well fix the charge port as it would involve nearly the same amount of work.

You say that it works when connected to the Home Charger and the Vehicle Charger but not when travelling in the vehicle due to movement, so it most probably is only a loose connection on the port itself.

Here is a video that shows how to repair the port in your tablet. It is shown being replaced. In your case it might only have to be resoldered back onto the board.

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Thanks! I'll try fixing it over the WE and let you know if successful....


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