An Android phablet developed and manufactured by LG Electronics. First unveiled by the company on January 5, 2015, it is a successor to the original LG G Flex released in 2013.

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Why are there black marks on my cracked screen. Looks like running ink

My phone screen cracked when I dropped it. It still works, but it has black spots all over screen. Is there any way for me to rid these off my phone screen?

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The screen is LCD.

LCD stands for "Liquid Crystal Display".

Since you dropped and cracked your screen, you have dislodged/ruptured the Liquid Crystals.

The only way to fix this is to completely change the display.

Here is a display assembly.

Here is a disassembly video.

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@jayeff thanks for catching a weird glitch in this answer. Cheers!


but is it ok to use?


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