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Certain keystrokes producing multiple characters

My keyboard has started malfunctioning where every time I press certain keys, I get two characters instead of the single character it ought to be. Here are the character sets being affected







For example, when I press '5', it produces '56', and the same when I press '6'. It too produces '56'. Same for the whole list above.

Note too the apparent pattern down the keyboard with the '56', 'ty', 'gh', and 'bn' combos.

I've checked battery level. It's nearly full charge. I've tried using while plugged in and charging. I've tried gently lifting affected keys and blowing out any possible dust, particles, etc. None of this has helped.

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what did you spill on it?


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I solved this by removing the keys and cleaning underneath them with windex-like house cleaner. Some of the keys had sticky residue which did not get removed by compressed air.

Also, some keys were influenced by stickiness under OTHER keys.

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Have you checked your keyboard settings to see if there is a replacement set for those keys? It seems strange that both 5 and 6 will change to 56. Some people will add replacements like this as a prank, so check in the "Text" tab of the "Keyboard" section of system preferences.

Also, have you tried the keyboard on another device, and if so, did the problem persist?

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I have the exact same problem (different keys) and the issue persists with different computers and after keyboard reset. No suspect settings in the system preferences.

Keys do light up in pairs in the keyboard viewer.

Any ideas?


Hi @aaandre ,

Have you checked that there isn't a key partially stuck down in the operated position, somewhere on the keyboard?

Have any liquids been spilled onto the keyboard at all?


This wasn't the issue. Keys were getting triggered multiple times upon one keystroke.


I have the same problem, you press 1 and appear 15, you press a and appear ag, you press q and appear qt, you press z and appear zb. I don´t spill anything in the keyboard.


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I had a very similar problem With the same keyboard. Ultimately, I had to have the keyboard replaced. What started as a single key “bouncing” Itself multiple times, ended up with the X key completely stuck in the on position, no matter what I did including taking the key off of the keyboarding and cleaning everything with alcohol.

Apple was incredibly helpful with the exchange, they could not find my keyboard serial number in their system, so they just sent me a new one without requiring the old one in exchange. I have, with this new keyboard, purchased a Cooskin Keyboard cover from Amazon, and I used cell phone repair double sided tape to adhere the cover to the keyboard, which I highly recommend, because the tape that comes with the cover is not that good at all. Also, I highly recommend that brand over the Silicone type covers for several reasons: The silicone type are much thicker, and they seem to tear easy. The Cooskin will cost you a couple of extra dollars, but trust me it is well worth the money. I am brutal with my keyboards and this cover has been an absolute godsend in keeping all those things out of the keys that will ruin the keyboard which is most likely what happened in our case.

Good luck to anyone having this problem, to my knowledge there is no fix, only replacement.

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