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The V2000 is a Compaq Presario notebook computer developed by HP under the Compaq name. The V2000 is the sibling of the HP DV1000, so the two share many features and specifications, though the DV1000 cost about USD $100 more when both computers were sold in the early 2000s.

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How can I autocheck the program?

how can i fix my compaq v2000 saying in the screen "autochk program not found-skipping AUTOCHECK?

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Try below:-

*Unplug the AC cord

*Remove the battery

*Locate the memory cover on the underside of the notebook

*Unscrew the one or two screws securing the memory cover, and lift up to remove the cover

*Gently slide (away from one another) the metal retaining clips that hold down the module.

*The module should pop up

*Remove the module

*Reinstall the module (removing and reinstalling the module is apparently enough to rectify the contacts)

*Replace the module cover and the battery

*Attach the power cord

*Try to power up

Hopefully, this works for you!!!!!!!!!

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its still not working id tried it.. but its still appearing on screen " autochk program not found-skipping autocheck

please help me guys thank u


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Jaypi Liboon appears to be an OS issue. Let us know what OS you are using Win7 etc. Check for answers with Microsoft on here as well as on on here. the error seems to be related to either hidden partition or missing drive letters.

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