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The LG Stylo 3 Plus is an Android smartphone released in 2017 by T-Mobile. It features a 5.7-inch HD display, 32 GB of storage, and runs the Android 7 OS.

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Car charger Over charged battery. How do I prevent this?

I bought a car charger & used it, when I got home it said it was over charged & still said charge was 0 %. Do I have to buy or install something to prevent battery damage?

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Is your home charger working properly and charges normally. If yes I would try another car charger. Both pieces if it’s a usb type. Sometimes the car itself does not allow the charger to function properly. See if you can charge from a different car.

If no then you might have a problem with either the battery, port connector, or the board. Are you using the same cable that you are using in the car? If so that might be defective.

Let me know so I can give you more suggestions

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New charger & home charger works fine. My 1st smartphone & i'm techno- challenged. Should the charger or phone shut off on their own or should i have limited the time? It was on in the car for close to 2 hrs. but when i plugged it in, it said slow charging so i assumed it would take awhile since it was at 2%. It's made by Belkin, 10 watt w/4ft usb cord. No instructions. Phone didn't feel hot but there was an alert. Thankfully it's not having any problems.


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Hi D Wax,

I am inclined to think that the charger was not working. try reconnecting the leads. You should see the charging indicator working if all good. If not then the connections may need attention, or the fuse is blown.

More information will help us to help you!

Most chargers turn off when charge completed. Its normal for the phone to feel warm during or when finished charging.

I have come across some usb leads that dont work, you may need to try another lead...



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There was just a contradiction in what the phone was telling me. I keep it in a wallet type cover & when i opened it there was a big red screen saying ALERT!! & that it was OVER CHARGED. Then the app underneath it said: Time-16hrs, Charge-0%, & now i forget what the 3rd column said. The phone did show the battery was at 100%. So the phone did get charged, the light on the car charger did light up, i just don't know if i really over charged it. I guess i just have to pay closer attention next time since over charging is my concern.


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