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The Syma X5C is a four-channel quadcopter with a built-in camera.

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Why my X5C camera always made corrupted files?

I have X5C with its standard aerial camera attached and its 4 gb standard memory card inside.

The camera ligh indicator show normal circumstances either while taking photos or recording videos.

The photo and video file are perfectly created on its proper folder. Bust I cannot open it on any computers as seems it was corrupted or not saved in a proper way, even I did the instruction manual perfectly.

Does my cam has broken?

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Are you stopping the recording before you are turning off the drone?

Are you using a Class 10 SD Card? Is the card formatted in FAT 32?

What file extension do the files have?

What program are you trying to use to view them?

Try VLC media player. This program supports more video codecs than a lot of other programs?

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Hi @jayeff thx for your kind respond.

I already fixed my problems, by simple just re-formatting mys SD-Card which I got from my x5c purchasing package.

I do not know how its factory formatting the SD's. On the original format, my WinXP able to exploring it, viewing its directory structure, and found any files that taken from cams. But every JPG and AVIs was corrupted.

I just try to re-formating again as FAT32 with WinXP standar formating, put it back on my x5c, took several photos and video, try to view it again on my WinXP and.... bingo, everything just fine.


I know the thread is dead, but I just wanted to clarify this still works in 2021 on WIN-10 with one clarification worth noting.

When at the formatting options menu, (right-click mini-sd drive > format)I had to UN-check the, "quick formatting" box and I also selected FAT32 from the drop-down. Used VLC media player. Done!


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