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For the 1995 model year, the first year the Outback was introduced, the Outback was a trim package on the base model Legacy wagon "L", that primarily consisted of the heavy cloth interior, berber carpet floor mats, a luggage rack and fog lights with a standard height suspension.

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making a clunking noise when turning a corner or out of the driveway

my 1995 Subaru makes a clunking noise when I turn left or right out of my drive way I have replaced the lt. @ rt. front axles and CV joints thinking that was the problem, but the clunking is still there.

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CV joints do tend to make a clunking sound when they go out but before you go to the expense of replacing them you should check other things first like the stabler bar links .When the links break they will bounce off the axles and make a racket when turning . You should also check the ball joints . If there loose in the socket they can make a clunking sound . Check the wheel bearings I would also check engine mounts and tie rod ends . Hope this helps

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I tried all of the above before I replaced the axles and CV joints. Someone suggested that it may be the clutch pack in the transfer case . So far I haven't been able to find a price on this part. Thanks for your reply. Dudley


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Most likely your wheel bearings. I had the same issue and replaced the CV joints with no luck. Then replaced the bearing is the clunk went away. Good luck!

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