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Why is my back camera not working?

Hello there, a few days ago I came across an issue. I was on face time with my sister and my phone dropped from where it was sitting. Picked up the phone and didn't notice any damages until I hung up the phone. I noticed my flashlight is not working and neither is face time. Whenever I try to use the back camera, it shows a black screen. When I try to use alternatives like video call on snap chat and messenger, the part where the back camera starts to get burning hot, forcing my phone to shut down. The dual zoomed in back camera works fine for messenger but besides that, everything is a bust. I got this phone around September 2017, so I don't remember purchasing apple insurance. Is there a way to fix this? Can I replace the camera, or the phone all together without having to pay the full price? Is there a way I can check if I did purchase apple insurance? I need help PLEASE.

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Replacing the back camera will solve this issue, the 7 plus cameras are pretty prone to damage.

You could also take it to Apple, as long as there isn’t any physical damage, they may replace it under warranty.

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i phone 7 plus back camera indian price ? and this is available .

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