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Chrysler debuted the 2008 model year Town & Country went on sale on August 16, 2007 as a 2008 model.

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Sliding Door Lock broken

Approximate cost to repair?

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Can you lock the door manually? I have the same issue, at least with not being able to lock it remotely. I am planning to replace the actuator soon which would be about $100. The dealership quoted me about $1,000 to fix it.

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Ive had this done recently. bought the part for $50 on ebay, labor was $650. I hired a really really good mechanic who had never done this specific repair before. it took him 5-6 hours. he could not remove the door all the way so he removed the back hinge and propped the door so he could work on it. he had to remove practically everything from the inside of the door before he got to the part. then put everything back in it. i was afraid he was accidentally going to break something the whole time. He complained about how hard it was the whole time. fortunately it works perfectly now, but there are some scratches on the window. not sure if that could have been avoided or not. if i could do it again i would have had the dealer do it.

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