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The HP Pavilion model dv7-4285dx is a notebook PC produced by HP.

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How to clean the fan

My laptop is overheating and i can feel the heat through the case and so l eventually came to the conclusion that the fan is not working but because dust is trapped in the machine. And originally, i was planning on taking it to a computer store so they could clean the fan but I'm trying to save a dollar or two by doing it myself.. Does anyone know how to go about doing that, safely? Because i don't want to destroy my laptop. Thanks.

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Unplug. Switch off. Let it cool down for tens minutes. If it is really dusty strip it down to Step 12.

HP DV7-4285DX LCD Replacement

If you are not confident to take it apart. Just use your vacuum cleaner on the rear & top vents. Preferably with a small brush attachment (if you have one)

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I applied colgate on my CPU while I was cleaning my motherboard with spirit. After that my laptop could not switch on and the fan is not even turning around. What should I do? Can it be reversed

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