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Der Bose SoundLink Color ist ein Bluetooth-Lautsprecher, der als kostengünstigere und tragbare Alternative zum SoundLink Mini konzipiert wurde.

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Screwdriver to open bose soundlink?

I bought through the Free Market (sorry) a Soundlink Color, FCC ID A94415859, IC ID 3232A-415859. The problem is that the power connector has broken inside the box. There is no way to open it, because the screw requires a special key that only Bose technicians have. Can you tell me where to find it and the name of this type of key?

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Hey bud I did a bunch of research and found the size. It’s a security torx bit so it has the hole in the middle of it. Make sure you get the one with 5 points not 6.

The size is T15 security torx bit (5 points) . Make sure you get an extended one so it will fit in the hole.

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Where did you find one? I literally cannot find it anywhere


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torx plus 5 point t15 tamper proof security bits

Yakamoz 2 Set of 7Pcs 1/4" Hex Shank Magnetic 5 Point Security Star Torx Screwdriver Bits Set | T10-T40, 2-Inch Length

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also the holes only about 14mm deep and the bits are all about 25mm long at least even if you put the bit all the way inside your driver , you should still have at least 16mm of bit left. if i find another longer deeper set ill ad it when i do


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this is a desgrace, I bought the 75 dollar price set of bit from ifixit, I thought it was goin to bring the five point security bit but it didn't, it's ridiculous, you include a lot of useless bits but you can't include this one. I am really angry, there is not excuse on why the ifixit more expensive pack do not bring this five point bits, I feel scammed.

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How is it you call it a disgrace when every single bit is listed as to what it is? If you had taken the time to read through the list and verify that the one you wanted wasn't in the kit, you wouldn't be angry right now.

I understand you want to get your speaker fixed, but it's not their fault you ordered a kit that didn't have what you wanted. I suggest you get in touch with the iFixit store personnel and calmly and politely explain your situation and ask if you can return the kit since it doesn't have the bit you need. You can email them at support@ifixit.com.


I think I posted a link previously but you can buy just the single individual bit you need on Amazon or eBay it doesn't come with any standard tool or bit set. I work for a battery store and change batteries in everything you can think of and t the Bose speaker is there only thing that I've ever worked on that uses that bit. For anyone doing this battery swap in the future I highly recommend that you purchase a battery that comes with the little 5 point star security bit that is needed for the install. You might pay an extra couple dollars but if you have to buy the tool separately it'll probably cost you closer to 10$ and it's kind of a pain to track down.


@dadibrokeit to be honest I thought it had the one I wanted so I just bought it without checking if it was there or not, my bad in that part, but since it is almost 80 bucks they should know a lot of people won't read it so they should include all posible bits and include less of repeated bits they include that nobody uses, I am going to keep it since Iam not in the united states and sending it back will be more spensive than the item itself, I already ordered a little pack with the one I need for 7.99, besides maybe I need these tools later to assamble a pc or toy, I'd rather have it than not.


@tony brito To be honest, I'd love to have that kit myself; I have a rather rag-tag group of tools I use; they're good quality but not in a single set. So yeah, if you're going to be doing repairs in the future, it will definitely be good to have them.


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