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Der Bose SoundLink Color ist ein Bluetooth-Lautsprecher, der als kostengünstigere und tragbare Alternative zum SoundLink Mini konzipiert wurde.

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Screwdriver to open bose soundlink?

I bought through the Free Market (sorry) a Soundlink Color, FCC ID A94415859, IC ID 3232A-415859. The problem is that the power connector has broken inside the box. There is no way to open it, because the screw requires a special key that only Bose technicians have. Can you tell me where to find it and the name of this type of key?

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Hey bud I did a bunch of research and found the size. It’s a security torx bit so it has the hole in the middle of it. Make sure you get the one with 5 points not 6.

The size is T15 security torx bit (5 points) . Make sure you get an extended one so it will fit in the hole.

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Where did you find one? I literally cannot find it anywhere


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torx plus 5 point t15 tamper proof security bits

Yakamoz 2 Set of 7Pcs 1/4" Hex Shank Magnetic 5 Point Security Star Torx Screwdriver Bits Set | T10-T40, 2-Inch Length

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also the holes only about 14mm deep and the bits are all about 25mm long at least even if you put the bit all the way inside your driver , you should still have at least 16mm of bit left. if i find another longer deeper set ill ad it when i do


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