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820-3437-B power off after power on

Hi guys and @refectio

recently i received 820-3437-B board for repair. Previous techniques tell me, that the board was water damaged, so he clean board with isopropyl and ultrasonic cleaner and try fix. After receiving i noticed, there was missed Q7130 and backlight fuse. I solder this fuse and Q7130 from anotner board and put board in to the chassis for test. Macbook power on, but when i want choose boot device Macbook stop working. Does not show any error just only stop working and power off. It is working about 10-20 sec.

Is there any way to find where or what can be wrong?

For which part of the board should I focus on and look for a maybe short circuit?

Thanks guys for your time

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If it is not an issue with the SSD you are booting into (boot into a known good external SSD too), this is going to be a nightmare to solve.

Check all areas of the board to see where the original liquid damage was. PP1V05_S0 issues can cause this to turn off mid boot; I have also seen these with shorts inside the board around this circuit, which causes this problem (but you will smell burning if this is the case).

Have you ultrasonic cleaned it? Could be corrosion under something which was not cleaned before. Has it had any work carried out to the board?

If it is not the SSD or something obvious (again, checking for where the original damage was), it is going to be an unfixable issue or very time consuming to find out the cause, and I would not recommend repairing it if this is the case.

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