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The LG Stylo 3 Plus is an Android smartphone released in 2017 by T-Mobile. It features a 5.7-inch HD display, 32 GB of storage, and runs the Android 7 OS.

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Help merging 2 incoming calls

Hi I have the lg stylo 3 I'm having trouble with the 3-way calling. When I try to merge the 3rd party the only option I'm given is swap calls. Im not given the merge calls option, help.

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From the phone dialing screen tap the menu (3 dots), and there should be an option "Add Call". Dial that number you want to add, or via contacts.

When the second call is established, there should be a "Merge Call" option.

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Yes there is a merge option but when I click merge it say cannot merge calls and then it hangs up


OK, then its an issue with your phone. See if there is a software update to fix this.

check settings --> About phone --> Software update or

Settings --> software update, depending on the carrier.

If this doesn't resolve it, contact your carrier.


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