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Arport Etreme card not detected?

I have installed airport extreme card into my iMac and it does not recognize it. (I think that the Airport Extreme card has bluetooth)I need the bluetooth,to be able to use a Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard. I guess I could use a dongle but I don't think that will wake up the machine, and since I installed the card would like it to use the WiFi as well. Thanks

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See if the card is seen in your System Profiler. If so then run software update and see if it downloads airport software.

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I checked System Profiler, I am not sure what to look for but I don't see anything about an Airport Extreme or WiFi or bluetooth.


go to about this mac > more info > Network > Airport and see if it sees anything


OK I found the Airport Extreme card listed with related numbers and info but it says it is turned off, how do I turn it on?


I just checked for updates and nothing helped, I updated Itunes, and a couple others but nothing helped the airport. Thanks for any help, I appreciate it.


Go to your hard drive > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility and run it.


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