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The Nokia 3310, released in 2000, is known for being incredibly durable.

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Why do I have no network coverage?

I'm pretty sure the phone is properly unlocked and i put my sim card in and activated it on my cell phone plan and no matter where I go (places where on other phones i get great coverage) i get no signal. Is this an issue with the phone, the carrier, unlocking, or just a bad antenna? what do i do to fix the problem? would i just be better off buying another one since i may have a faulty handset?

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Hi @ncook ,

Do you mean the Nokia 3310 (2017) model or the original 3310?

Have you selected the correct SIM slot for making connections?


i am talking about the original nokia 3310 that came out in 2000



im not sure this'll be correct but the carrier you are on may or may have not switched off 2G services so that may be it.


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The 2000 Nokia 3310 only has support for 2G bands GSM 900/1800MHz. There is no 3G support.

AT&T has shut down all 2G towers.

Make sure your carrier supports 2G 900/1800 GSM.

The phone will definitely not work on Verizon and Sprint.

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I am on MetroPCS which I believe is owned by T-Mobile and I thought i heard somewhere that MetroPCS uses their cell towers.


@ncook MetroPCS is own and operated by T-Mobile. Correct. They only support the 1900mhz frequency. So your phone does not support T-Mobile.


If you really like the Nokia 3310, they are making it again. The new one supports T-Mobile/MetroPCS and has a built in FM Radio. The screen is also in color :-)



ok thank you

just out of curiosity is there any carrier that still does support the OG 3310?


Yes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GSM_freque...

Note that due to basic physics, lower frequencies (850mhz/900mhz) travel farther, so those are the frequencies that are used most.


well if the OG 3310 has a 900mhz band and 900mhz is used the most why doesn't it work


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Because the Nokia 3310 runs on 3G service and they took down those towers a long time ago

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Really not true. The 3310 3G remaster did, but this version runs on 2G TDMA, which is still available although not to new subscribers, sadly.


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