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Panasonic DMC-FH25K 16.1MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD

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My LUMIX camera us stating “System zoom error”

I found my camera which I haven’t used in years. I charged the battery and put it in the camera. When I went to put it on it says set clock and then goes to system zoom error. I removed the card and battery for 10 minutes and replaced them both. The same thing happened.

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ademas de marcar el mensaje de error, el lente (zoom) no sale, podria aconsejarme que hacer?


I tried to do the same thing to my camera and did not work :( What else can I do?


My camera is a DMC-TS20 please help. Keeps saying Zoom Error when I turn on.


Thanks, used a little cooking oil on a paper towel.


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I had the same issue. I read on one of the help sites to gently but firmly bump the side of camera with the palm of your hand as you turn it on. I did this and the lens un-jammed. I then sprayed Teflon spray on a clean cotton cloth, extended the lens completely and GENTLY pulled it out another half inch. I then wiped all sections of the lens barrel with the Teflon coated cotton. I waited a couple minutes for the Teflon to permeate the plastic barrel then wiped any excess off. The lens works perfectly now and every time I turn it on or off, it extends and retracts as well as ever. May have been a moisture issue, or granular dust, but it’s clean and working well.

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My camera literally hasn't been working for about 3 or 4 years. The lense was stuck extended and the w park was open. I just did the hitting it against my palm while turning it on and it worked. Thank you so much


Like wise to the above scenario haven't used the camera for over 10 years - followed instructions and wella it worked ..thank you


i did this and it worked! thankssss


Thank you, I've had this problem since visiting Kew's Orchid Festival in a humid glasshouse.


I did this about a dozen or more times along with the Teflon treatment and it is now working.


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@nancydonald "then goes to system zoom error" possibly a stuck lens. Let us know if your camera is a FH25 or FH27. If you an, check to see if there is an error code in memory. For that do this:

Error Code Memory Function

1. General description

This unit is equipped with history of error code memory function, and can be memorized 16 error codes in sequence from the latest. When the error is occurred more than 16, the oldest error is overwritten in sequence.

The error code is not memorized when the power supply is shut down forcibly (i.e.,when the unit is powered on by the battery, the battery is pulled out) The error code is memorized to FLASH-ROM when the unit has just before powered off.

2. How to display

The error code can be displayed by ordering the following procedure:

• Preparation:

1. Attach the Battery or AC Adaptor with a DC coupler to the unit.


*Since this unit has built-in memory, it can be performed without inserting SD memory card.

• Step 1. The temporary cancellation of “INITIAL SETTINGS”:

While pressing “W side of [ ZOOM LEVER ]”, [ SHUTTER BUTTON ] and touch the screen (Any position of the screen is acceptable) simultaneously, turn the power on.

• Step 2. Execute the error code display mode:

Display [ Version Disp. ] screen in the state of Step 1, and then move the [ ZOOM LEVER ] to “W” side.

The display is changed as shown below when the moving to W side.

Version Disp. → Error code display → Operation history display → Version Disp. → .....

If you have an error or multiples, give us the error code number etc.

Here is the manual for the disassembly of your camera in case you need to replace the lens unit FH27-Disassembly.pdf

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Thanks, problem solved by tapping the lens as i zoomed.

I will look for the teflon additional precaution to keep it running smoothe.



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