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Coffee brewer released in 2013. This specific Keurig can be identified by its model number K70 listed on the bottom plate of the brewer and is a single cup brewer.

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Need disassembly instructions to replace Keurig K70 air pump

Partial cups of coffee. Done the easy and usual: clearing the puncture pins of debris, filter at bottom of reservoir, descaling with vinegar. Now I am convinced it has to be a weak air pump.

I'm looking for a way to remove the guts to get access to the air pump. I'd like the results to be cosmetically pleasing, so the hacksaw solution is not acceptable.

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I have the same problem? Any answers yet?


Sorry to say, I put that Keurig in a bag on the shelf in the garage awaiting some further inspiration. I have not had progress, other things became more important. Probably end up buying a new one…. I have been using a smaller Keurig labeled with Mr Coffee logo and that one, too has started has started to make 1/2 cups… Common fixes don’t work for that one any longer Gee Whiz….


Nobody knows how to take a keurig apart? I might as well tinker blindly! Will post if I have any luck.


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Here’s a video on how to fix it:


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Been there and agree that’s the problem, but there is no instruction about how to remove the guts to expose the air pump for replacement!


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