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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the HP Compaq DC7500, a business class desktop computer introduced in 2007.

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bios corrupted? or other device problem?

Hi Guys! My Desktop Computer Doesn't work, it says "error 162" and need to replace new cmos battery, I'll waited for an half hour to boot but nothing happens. I've also try to reset the battery and jumper cup and nothing happens.. when i press the F10 or F9 on the display options it doesn't work it stuck for an hour and nothing happens. I've also tried to replaced new cmos battery and it doesn't work also... please help guys!!! lets fix the world =)

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Go into the bios settings.

Reset to default settings

Make sure your date and time are correct as well.

Save settings and reboot without powering off.

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Hi S W, i can't even go to Bios. when i press F10 it Stuck.


Hi S W, i can't even go to Bios. when i press F10 it Stuck. i let it run for an hour and nothing happens..


Are you using a USB keyboard? If so, you need to find and plug in an old PS/2 style plug keyboard. That is the old round type plug you see on the back that is green.


I have the same problem here, no mater what kind of keyboard you use, still the same result, changed to new cmos battery but it is stuck , pressing F10 in a sequence of 1 second repeatedly as soon as it is turned on will let me in the language selection part of the bios, but as I select any language, the system reboots.... is there a way to phisicaly change this bios ????


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