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Der Nintendo DS Lite kam 2006 als Nachfolger des Nintendo DS auf den Markt. Er ist leicht zu öffnen und leicht zu reparieren.

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How can I fix a DS Lite that does not maintain its top case position?

I would like to repair my old DS Lite that felt on the ground many years ago. It still works but now it has a hole which reveals its hinge. The problem is that when I open the DS Lite to play its top case won't stay in position, infact I can't hear any "crack" that usually it does when the top part locks to stay in that specific position.

Which parts have I to buy to fix it?

Here are some images:

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @dadeaka ,

It looks like the upper case will have to be replaced.

Here is a link to the ifixit Nintendo DS Lite oberes Gehäuseteil Austausch guide, which should be of some help.

Here is a link to a supplier of parts for the device. (scroll to the bottom to find upper case parts). It is not a recommendation to use them. It is shown to give an idea of the cost of the part.

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Good luck finding a screwdriver that small! Lol



I might have the last laugh

Tools required:

Phillips #00 Screwdriver

Tri-point Y1 Screwdriver


Can I just ask, when the OP says the top case doesn't stay in position, do you mean it is really floppy? My DS has no resistance at all to keep the screen in place. I just wondered if replacing the upper case will resolve this issue too? Thanks


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Nintendo will fix it for free. The thread is a bit old, but you should call Nintendo support and ask.


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