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Repair guides and support for desktop PCs manufactured by Lenovo.

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Lenovo Desktop Motherboard fuse location

I have a Lenovo Desktop Model 50-55 Type 90BG with a W8P motherboard. Is there a motherboard fuse and if so where is it located and what procedure do I use to replace it.

If there isn't a MB fuse how can I locate a replacement motherboard.

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I tried to replace a quirky PSU and used a ATX 20 pin connector on new PSU through an adapter designed for ATX 24 pin to Lenovo MB connector. Now I can't get any power to the computer.


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Here is a link to the service manual for your desktop.

Scroll to p.77 to find the part numbers for your particular motherboard (90006404 for MB FRU W8P Lenovo Part No. 14116).

If you search online using the number 90006404 only in the search term you will get results for suppliers of the motherboard.

Here is a link to just one supplier of the motherboard. It is not a recommendation to use them. It is shown to give an idea of the cost of the part. There are other suppliers (not many) online that may suit you better.

Hopefully this is of some help, if you cannot repair your motherboard.

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There is no fuses installed on almost any motherboard!

What exactly is the symptoms that you are experiencing?

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