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Scientific calculator by Casio. Widely used by students world-wide due to its great quality for the low price.

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How to fix calculator suddenly goes off after calculation

As soon as I type any question and then press equal to it will give me the answer but it will suddenly go off in 5 seconds

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It might be your battery is old and not recharging like it should, I hope replacing it might help!

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My Casio fx-991ES plus just suddenly went off and few minutes later, it started displaying the 'casio' logo on its screen. Whenever I press any of the keys, it's the logo that still remains on display but whenever I press the 'on' button, the calculator goes off and few minutes later again.. it starts displaying the Casio logo again. It's a new calculator. Pls help.


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Probably the battery contacts are loose and are not making good contact.

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