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When I press one key the other keys in the same row presses too.

My brother has a "Corsair K95 RGB Platinum" and he smashed the keyboard. Because of this incident I had to replace the x key on his keyboard. But after replacing the broken key with a new key, the keyboard acts out and presses every key in the row(Shift z x c v b n m , . / Z X C V B N M < > ?). Is there any way to fix this issue?

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Was the keyboard working OK, apart from the x key, before you replaced the broken key?


yes it was working okay, only the x key was the problem.


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You may have to go back and check what you did.

Pressing down on the key seems to cause a s/c on the "row" line.

Don't know your keyboard but was there any way that you may have 'reversed' the installation of the key?

Bit hard to know with an ''X 'whether it is in the correct way. Not in upside down I mean. Other letters and numbers are more obvious.

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I don't think that I can install it the wrong way. The pins are in a specific location and the frame prevents me to install it the wrong way.



Does it still happen if you remove the key?


No it does not happen when I remove the key. It only happens when I press X.



You may have to check for solder "bridges' when you install the key.

Did you insert the new key into the key "frame or holder' (for want of a better term) that is in the keyboard, the correct way?


Yes I installed it in the key in the right position.


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