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Repair guides and support for motorcycles manufactured by Honda.

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Transmission aand reverse are locked up

I have a 1992 Honda gold wing SE. I took the starter out and put new brushes in it. After putting the starter back in, the starter worked fine. When I put it in reverse to back up it would start to back up and then release. I would rock the bike back and forth and it would re-engage and back up some more before it would release again. The third time I rocked it back and forth the system locked up. I could not shift back into neutral to get the transmission back into neutral. The reverse shifting lever is stuck in mid position. Horizontal position is reverse off and vertical position is reverse engaged. It is stuck in mid position. The rear wheel is locked up so that I cannot roll the bike. I have tried removing the starter but I can only back it out about an 1/8 th of an inch. I have tried all that I know how to do.. Any answers or suggestions Jerry M== Heading text ==

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There is a transmission lock usually above or around the shifter. It's a little square looking plastic cover. Take the plastic cover off, insert a screwdriver or something alike and shift while its depressed. If you have to use this button that means you have a problem with your transmission.

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