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Der im September 2015 erschienene JBL Xtreme ist ein tragbarer Bluetooth-Lautsprecher, der auch spritzwassergeschützt ist.

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JBL is not turning on

When I try to turn it on with the buttons, there is no lights and it simply doesn't turn on.

When I charge it, I can see that its fully charged with the green bars.

There's no damage to it that I can see

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Need help please can anyone tell me:- I have ordered JBL Xtreme from myntra and when I receive that after unboxing I was unable to start and after I tried to plug charger it still not showing any lights or sign it is on can anyone tell me what the issue I have got or how can I fix that please

If any secret button to turn on


Help please i have the same problem


i have the same mistake with the few times.I read something on the internet.you have to: 1.do the power in the JBL Box 2.Hold the voulme down(-) and the connect + button for 10 seconds. 3.the JBL say seven seven. 4.take the power From the electrical Wall 5.Now do the Power in the JBL Box again. 6.Now hold the play and volume up (+) 7.the box goes off an if you starting the box it have to be normal.


Thank you Spongebozz; it worked!!!!


It really worked.


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I just fixed this issue on my JBL Exteme 2:

Issue: JBL shows connected to device but not playing audio. I tried factory reset but ended up putting speaker into weird stationary mode, which locks you out of basically all functions of the unit.

Device was connected but not playing audio. I attempted hard reset but held down the wrong keys. I held down (JBL Connect +) and the (Volume +) buttons, after 10 seconds the device powered off and I was unable to power back on by pressing the power button. While in this mode, I could only get the power light to turn on when plugging the speaker into the power outlet, then the power light illuminates the color white instead of the Blue I am used to seeing. In addition to powering on only when plugged in, I can only get audio to play via 3.5mm in this mode as well.

To get out of this mode, you must plug the unit into power. Once the unit powers on and you see the power button lit up White, then hold the (JBL Connect +) and (Volume +) buttons until the unit powers off. Then unplug, press power button (do not hold, just press), and the unit will power on with the power button illuminated Blue. Now, reconnect your device to bluetooth and whallah!

In my situation, after connecting my device to the speaker via bluetooth I still had no audio coming from speaker although the phone said I was connected bluetooth. I hooked up my windows laptop to the speaker via BT, played a youtube video for a few seconds and the speaker worked perfectly. Reconnected my phone and now it’s working perfectly. I think a recent Apple update caused something weird to happen when connecting to bluetooth.

If you run into the issue of establishing connection via BT but no sounds, try connecting a totally different brand device to the speaker to trigger a type of internal reset.

If you attempt to factory reset, and end up hitting the wrong buttons and put your speaker into this weird mode that is not mentioned in any catalogs or anywhere online, just make sure to hold down whatever buttons got you into that mode everything should go back to normal. For me, I messed up by holding the JBL Connect + button and Volume up buttons, I got myself out of the issue by holding the same buttons. Took me a few hours to figure this out.. Hope this helps.

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Very helpful. Although, getting some where with the speaker, power button is now lit blue but blinking. Thoughts?


Never mind, it took a bit, but finally reset and paired. Thanks for help.


This worked! I was so worried. Thank you so much! Just wondering, is there warranty that comes with the speaker? If there is, how does that work?


yo guyza my $@$* has been &&^&@@ up for dummy long and I tried that $@$* and it worked asap so lmk when and ill blow u;)


i cant turn it off tho


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  1. Plugging into charger to get lights to turn on. (Should be white power light and battery lights)
  2. Hold down JBL+ and Volume + Button together for 10 seconds, unit should power off.
  3. Unplug power cord and press the power button, light should light up blue and issue resolved.

This fixed mine. Seemed to have helped a few others in the site as well.

best of luck!

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In my situation the usb port "wobbled" and eventually I was unable to charge the speaker. This was a disappointment as it had only been charged a few times. I had trouble with warranty as I purchased it while overseas. A further disappointment! JBL had always been my choice in the professional gear. I subsequently "binned" the unit and will replace it with a unit with a more serviceable charge port.


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