MacBook Loading Bar Won't Load At All,

Hi There,

I'n currently in the process of repairing a MacBook Pro 13" A1278 Mid 2010. Our customer advised that the Mac suddenly stopped working.

When we first received it back for repair, it loaded to the user account log in scree with no problems. But now, when the unit is powered on it the Apple logo appears along the loading bar - but does not load at all.

I have tried all the usual remedies - Resetting PRAM, SMC and booting to recovery mode and repairing the disk.

I have also removed the original HDD and swapped over with another HDD but the problem still persists.

Could this be a motherboard issue or? I've attached an image of the loading screen for reference.


Block Image

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have you tried running a hardware diagnostics

do this with the original drive in


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