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How to stop an overheating Boiling Water Reactor?

My nuclear reactor is overheating due to the lack of electrical power to run the pumps. What is the best measure to take?

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Please give us more specific details about about your problem. Pumps can lack electricity for a number of reasons. Please also inform us of what measures you have taken to resolve the problem and why you are certain that the pumps are not running due to lack of electricity. The best line of action to take depends on the cause of the problem. With the limited information you have provided here are a few suggestions to start with:

  • Try plugging them in.
  • If they are plugged in please check your circuit breakers.
  • If the circuit breakers are good perhaps your electric has been shut off for lack of payment. Please quickly pay your bill with a credit card over the phone before you kill us all. Also read next suggestion.
  • You may try running an extension cord from your neighbor,s house to the pumps. I am certain they want the pumps to have electricity too.

At iFixit our volunteers cheerfully help you solve your repair problems for free. Please let us know how we may further assist you or if any of these suggestions resolved your problem.

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Power is down. The bills are paid, honestly. We have no neighbors here cause nobody wants to live here. I wonder why.

The plumming and the cables have been carefully checked. There is just no power coming in.


Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions so that I may better address your problem. Obviously you must be in Japan and not only lacking electricity but the ability to Google for a solution. You will need to vent the radioactive steam from your overheated reactor vessel. This may cause a hydrogen explosion. This will stop or at least prolong total nuclear meltdown. I hope you find my solution acceptable. Have a wonderful day!


Oh thank you so very much. I feel relieved now the pressure is gone. I'll gratefully accept your answer.


Thank you for bringing your repair issue to the iFixit team. I am happy we were able to solve your problem. I also thank you for showing your appreciation for the help we have given you. Many of the people that come here do not. Again, I wish you a wonderful day!


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Duck and cover? Actually bend down, put your head between your knees and kiss your tukas good bye.

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Run as fast as you can upwind.

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