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Repair and troubleshooting guides for the Dell Inspiron 7737, a laptop released in 2016 as part of the Inspiron 7000 series.

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Why does my screen turn black whilst everything is still running?

I have this problem once a day. The only solution is closing and reopening the lid a few times, and if that doesn't work I restart the inspirion until it stops. The screen will go black but you can still make out what is supposed to be there a tiny bit. I asked dell about this problem and they said to update the drivers, which I have done. But also downgrade BIOS to 1.2? I have downloaded the file and tried to downgrade but it is unsupported, I might have to reset my laptop but i'm not sure if this will solve the problem. This is a refurbished laptop from DELL, everything else works perfectly except for this particular problem that seems to happen whenever it wants to. I have adjusted the settings so that the display never sleeps and I have tried to change every possible power setting so this might actually go away, but like I said it will happen when it wants to.

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Hi @aidenwitting ,

Connect an external monitor to the laptop and watch its' display to see if it behaves the same way or if it stays on when the laptop screen goes dark.

If the external monitor display remains on then it sounds as though you are experiencing a backlight problem.

To verify this, shine a torch at an angle, close to the laptop screen to detect if the image is still there. if you can see whatever image was there before the screen went dark, you have a backlight problem

Does the problem occur if you move the lid of the laptop?

If so it may be a backlight power cable (or video cable - might be in the same cable) problem or a cable connection problem on the display panel.

If the external monitor screen also goes dark, try starting the laptop in "safe mode with networking" and see if the problem occurs. (the screen will look different because you are using basic Windows drivers and no 3rd party programs will start when you start the laptop. This will prove whether it is a 3rd party program (or drivers) that is the cause of the problem or not) - be aware if you go online in this mode there is no Anti Virus running if you have a 3rd party A/V installed! If you have concerns just use 'safe mode' to check for the problem. This way you can't go online

What is the full model number of your laptop and what OS is installed?

Update (03/06/2018)

Hi @aidenwitting ,

Here is a link to the service manual

On p.49 it details the pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the display panel.

Not saying that you have to remove it but this will help you to gain access to the video cable to check its' connections.

Something is either loose or perhaps it may be jammed in the hinges as moving the lid seems to make it come and go.

If the cable is the problem search online by typing Dell (insert model number) video flex cable in the search box to find suppliers of the part.

(I don't think that p65F001 is the model number I think it is the serial number, the model number should be Dell 7xxx as it is a 7000 series laptop.)

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I have plugged the laptop into my TV with a hdmi cable and you can see what should be on the laptop, the screen still remains dark however. If I close the lid and re open it the screen will show again but it will eventually go black, but sometimes it doesn't and I can continue with what I was doing. I can see what was previously there, I must have a blacklight problem.

The model number is: P65F001

Os: Windows 10 Home 16299.248


I might just have to get a replacement, because i've opened the back of the laptop and I would probably do more damage than good. Thank you for your help though, luckily my laptop is still under warranty.


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