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Model M8407 / 550 or 667 MHz G4 processor

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How to remove screen to use as a desktop?

I have a PB G4 667 MHz which has one hinge completely destroyed after a bad repair job which cemented the two hinges to strengthen them. I want to use the keyboard/trackpad as input while hooked up to external monitor and simply remove the display assembly so I can access the keyboard and power button (screen is not stable enough to stay open; image can be seen on screen but absolutely no backlight working). I have two questions:

1. I planned on using the display repair guide here

PowerBook G4 Titanium Onyx Display Replacement

but I was hoping I could do this without taking the logic board out. Can I do steps 1-12 then skip to 23 to disconnect the display from the logic board then to step 31 to remove the display (accessing the audio and inverter cable in step 34 & 38 from the keyboard side)?

2. I noticed that part of the answer to a similar question for the Powerbook G4 Aluminum 17" which mentioned that the bluetooth and airport wires are connected to the display.

How can I completely remove the screen?

Is this the case for the PB G4 Onyx also (ie only the airport as my PB does not have bluetooth)? And if so, which connection do I need to replace after I have removed the screen (please refer to an image in one of the steps from the removal/installation guide mentioned in question 1 if possible).

Thank you for any assistance with this.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will end up clipping the display as I will have to replace it if I plan on replacing the display.

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There isn't a good way to remove the display from the PBG4 without actually taking out the logic board. If you want to continue using the machine when you're done, I'd follow the guide exactly and do not skip steps for safety's sake.

In your model, the AirPort card is inside the body of the machine. I've taken those displays apart a lot to replace the hinges... I can assure you, there aren't any antennae in the display.

In fact, I've run a headless Titanium for a while just showing keynote presentation slides on a TV in my repair shop. Works fine to do it as you're suggesting.

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If she doesn't mind the hinges being attached, why can't she do it her way?


Just a suggestion. I've seen people bring mangled machines into my shop after trying to skip a few steps. :) The display cable can be a little difficult to get through the hole if you don't at least move the logic board up and out of the way a little.


Why not just clip the display cable off?


Lol, good point, if you don't care about the cable just clip it. :)


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