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7,9 Zoll Display / Modell A1454 / Verfügbar in schwarz und weiß / Angekündigt am 23. Oktober 2012 / 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität

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Turns off randomly after drop

After I dropped the iPad (it cracked very badly) on concrete from a table the device seemed to be fine. It shut off after about 30 seconds of the drop. Then it said low battery. Then it proceeded to boot normaly again. Now it keeps cycling like this! When plugged in it lasts a bit longer but still does not stay on. Need this resolved soon as I am going on a trip soon and would love to use this on the airplane. Thanks!

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Seeing as how the battery connection does not seem to be the issue, I suspect that the logic board may have been damaged from the drop; most likely a cracked solder connection somewhere. This will require that it be looked at by an experienced micro-solderer.

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Ehhhh... what chips would cause this kind of issue?


It could be any one of a number of critical IC's, it hard to say based on it just being dropped. It would have to be properly diagnosed to know for certain. IC's like Tristar, PMIC, Baseband, CPU, NAND etc. would be likely candidates but even something less critical can cause a cascade of issues.


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Look like the battery is disconnected not completely but move from the connecting place u need some one how know how to disassemble the ipad and reconnecting the battery properly

Good luck

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battery replacement guide: iPad Mini GSM Akku austauschen


Hey sam! I have already disassembled the iPad and re-seated the connector. Nothing has changed. thanks!


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