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The Jeep Grand Cherokee was redesigned for the 1999 model year; the 2000 models have minimal changes. This model is also known as Jeep WJ.

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Electrical issues windows and interior lights

The door open indicator light was on even when the door was closed.

I did get it to turn off. However, none of my interior lights will turn off since that happen on 3/13/18 unless I turn it off from the dimmer switch on the turn signal wand... And that's ok in the day not to be able to see dash lights but not so good for early morning or when it's dark! In addition now none of my windows work at all ever and I smoke.... Not good... So I'm guessing it's hopefully a faulty or defective wire (where???? In the door jam or behind the actual door panel or the dash.....) Or is it my entire lock panel that needs replaced! Am I on the right tack here at all?... I don't have 900$ just in time for a mechanic to locate the issue or try to get over on me bc I'm a woman... Advice? Please!

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lets figure things out. So, first we needed to know that "Door Courtesy Lamp Control - Each door module provides control of its own optional front door-mounted courtesy lamp." that could be where the fault is for the interior lights not turning off. "A door module is concealed behind the trim panel of each front door (Fig. 7). The only visible components of the door modules are the integral power window and power lock switches. The switches and their respective switch bezels are located forward of the door pull cup found in the arm rest of each front door trim panel. The module on the driver side is referred to as the Driver Door Module (DDM), while the module on the passenger side is the Passenger Door Module (PDM). Each door module houses both the front power lock and power window switches. In addition to the power window and power lock switches for its own door, the DDM also houses individual switches for each passenger door power window, a power window lockout switch, the power mirror switch, and the optional power foldaway mirror switch used in vehicles sold in some markets." Okay so that is the theory. I attached the part that deals with the power windows from the manual Jeep-GC-Power-Windows.pdf. Your power windows etc. could be non-operational because of issues with the Body Control Module, do keep that in mind. Try something simple. Disconnect your battery cables and leave them disconnected for 30 minutes. Then reconnect and see if that resolved the issue. If you are unsure about checking so many things at once, try to have your OBD scanned. Places like Autozone should scan that for free. Let us know if you are getting any codes.

Right now my money is on the door module or the BCM

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BCM! Instructed as you recommended disconnecting batter for 30 minutes and it worked. Should the BCM be replaced???

Thank you!!


@Richard Leste I wouldn't just yet. See what it does over the next few days/weeks. If you have no more issues with it, let it be.


Im having a similar problem with my 99 WJ. All was fine ...then my daughter mentioned the rear window would not go up. I raised it for her, and all was fine. The next time I drove the Jeep the AC condenser would not flip on (even though the AC light lights up), the windows would not work from any switch, the overhead display is just showing dashes where MPG, miles till empty, temp ETC should be. Also at first the cabin lights would not turn off, but after unplugging my battery and reconnecting, the cabin lights now do not come on when I open the front doors...however they ALL do come on when I open the rear doors or rear hatch. The door locks and power mirrors, dash gages and everything else is totally fine. I have checked everything I can think of (wires in door hinges, unplugged and replugged each door harness, and overhead display)...but would love your thoughts. Help!


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