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lens obstruction error help

i have a problem.my camera is a kodak pixpro az251 i'm getting lens obstruction error trying to figure out howv to fix it .asking to re-start camera nothing happens.can someone help.ty in advance

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tornadoman1955 it is entirely possible that this is caused by a stuck lens. Follow these attempts and see if you are getting somewhere. If not, it is most likely you will need a new lens assembly.

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Mine is stuck out what should I do about this?


@Blair B. same situation,same link just stuck on the track for the retraction. If the link does not provide a good solution for your camera, you will have to replace the lens.


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Hi,I bought a Kodak pixpro AZ252 camera from Walmart and I put the batteries in and also a

(PNY Elite 16GB SD Card) and when I turned it on it said Lens obstruction Re-start camera and I don’t know what to do or how to can you guys help me!

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Mine is doing the same thing!


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My Kodak camera has an obstructed lens and I dont know what to do. Please help!

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