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Ein Smartphone mit einem 5,5 Zoll 1440 x 2560 Display, Fingerabdrucksensor und einer 12 MP Rückkamera.

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My p10 plus was fully dead

after update my p10 plus is fully dead. I cant reach to bootloader and no charge.

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my phone has to charge a certain so i play with plug that connects to the it by moving it up or down and side to side and you also should try a different cord.


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I would consider taking the phone back for warranty if you still have it.

Guessing you already tried holding volume down and power for like 15 seconds including trying it plugged into computer as well which should boot fastboot mode.

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thanks for reply ,but the phone fully dead and there is no any response


Its happend to me. My p10 plus suddenly dead. Should i just send over to huawei centre


It happened to me also hahahaha . Dah hantar repair ke? Apa punca masalah phone ye?


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Would you sell it to me iwant LCD

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