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1.6, 1.8, or 2 GHz G5 processor

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No Boot, no chime, screen black, 2 led on, front light on see pic

Block Image

This iMac, what does the light on front mean? See in picture. Thanks

Update (03/26/2018)

Hi Dan, I got it in this state. Two test led come on so the power supply is working. But led no3 never comes on. The capacitors have some orange crust. I removed and backed up the good hd. Any ideas? Thanks

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Thats the SIL - Sleep Indicator LED


Can you give us a bit more here on what happened as well as what you've altered.


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This series was at the time of the Capacitor plague

Sadly your power supply needs to be replaced or find someone who can replace the bad caps.

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