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A desktop tower computer by Dell released in 2007 and now discontinued.

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Dell XPS One A2420 CPU cooling fan bad bearings.

I got the computer mentioned above from a friend to diagnose and to find parts for but for the life of me, I cannot get a price for the part. I powered it up last night, it does boot into Windows and made the determination that the bearings in the CPU cooling fan were bad, I had vacuumed out the dust and tried it again, still groaned.

Anybody know what the cost of the part would be to give an estimate for repair and where to get the part?



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If you NEED to return that exact PC then it would be better to just find a new fan for that socket which might cost anywhere from 10-120 bucks. However, seeing as that pc is nearly 11 years old, it might be easier to get a slightly newer one of a similar tier for a slightly higher price.

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I was able to call a local computer store to see if they can order the part for me. Thank you so much for your help.


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tell dell to get a new fan.


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