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Repair guides and support for the ZenFone 2 by ASUS, identifiable by the model number ZE500KL. Introduced in September 2015.

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Fast discharge and hot chasis

Hi. My phone started to discharge really fast. I ordered new battery and replaced it, but the phone still gets discharged way to fast - it wont last more than few hours. It also gets really hot from time to time just by itself - lying on the table for example.

I really like Asus Zenfone 2 laser phone and I would like to keep it a year or two more. Is there a way to fix it ?

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You have no idea as to the danger that thing has become.

It is the reason the airlines are considering banning them as carry-on items.

Do not try to fix it, and do not throw it in the trash.

Put it in a old METAL toolbox with a locking lid. Take it to your phone store.

( Most states require all battery sellers, must provide disposal. )

I know this is not the answer you wanted, but I learned the hard way.

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