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Why is my iPhone 7 plus stuck on reboot mode?

I replaced my home button then reset my iPhone manually through the iPhone's settings right after resetting it i notice my network was acting weird so I decided to turn my phone on and off. Since then it has been stuck on the constant apple logo boot. I already tried to restoring it but it does not work.

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This is both a software and hardware problem.

When you disconnect or connect a different Home button on the iPhone 7 or 7+ it boot loops.

Your best way to fix this is to go to an Apple store and ask for a repair but be warned if other components on your iPhone are broken they gonna charge more or decline service for it.

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The homebutton and touch id wont work when replacing the homebutton on iphone 7&7+.

Test a hardreset (power button and volume down) and if that dosent work test to unplugg the homebutton, and if that dosent help test unplugging the front camera.

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