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For 1992 the Grand Am received new body work and a revised interior. A V6 option returned in the form of the 160 hp 3.3 L 3300 V6. The 2.3 inline four came as either a SOHC or DOHC.

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Is is any good for the head to come off with the valve cover

Ineed to when I try to take off the valve cover and the heads are coming off to

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Are we the engine ??? 'The-valve-cover' implies 1 cover, like a 4cylinder. 'Heads' imply 2 heads, like a V6 engine.

Which engine is it ? How many bolts have you removed ?

Old engines often have 'stuck' covers, from the goopy-soaked gasket holding it to the head. Do not force it off. Some gloves and a hot-air hair-dryer will soften the goop and allow removal. While it is hot, scrape the old gasket away.


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The engine head(s) will not come off, until the exhaust and intake manifolds are removed.

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