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CB Radio (all types) first introduced in 1958.

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I Need a Part for Cobra 25LTD.

I need the internal meter bracket for the Cobra 25LTD. The internal power meter has a fastener clip to mount it securely to the radio. I dont have the parts list to get the part. A part number would help.

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Hi @vfrocks ,

Not sure if this is for your model, but here is a link to p.18-34 of the factory service manual for a Cobra 25LTD ST, 25WX ST. (taken from this website).

Scroll down to find the parts list. There is a part called a meter clamp (part # KEM M8603). Hopefully this is the part that you are after. Unfortunately I couldn't find one searching online using the part number. You may have better luck.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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