Why is my iPad Nano 6th generation getting very hot when charging?

Plugged my iPod in to my car's audio system and left it plugged in for months. It worked fine as an audio source. Unplugged it to take on vacation and it would not turn on. I plugged in to US port on PC. Could see it as a connected device. Left plugged in for several hours and it got warm. Still would not turn on. I assumed the battery had died and the only reason it worked in the car was the power being supplied by the car's electrical system via the audio system's USB port. I replaced the battery, turned it on, but nothing. Plugged it in to an AC adapter and the iPod got very warm. Unplugged, disassembled again and checked battery connection. All OK. Plugged out-of-case circuit board in to AC adapter and felt battery, it was warm. Felt areas on the circuit board and the large black storage square on the bottom of the board was very hot, as were 2 smaller black square components on the top of the board. one by the red wire battery connection and the other closer to the power port.

Anyone have an idea what is going on, and if there is anything I can do to resurrect this device?

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