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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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Black screen, 14-blink error code

2011 Panasonic TC-P42ST30 screen went black, no audio, no image. LED light steady on. When power is cycled off and on, LED light gives 14-blinks.

Replaced power board with replacement #1; this resulted in no change.

Replaced power board again with replacement #2; this resulted in no change.

Replaced A-board, tried with both original and replacement power board; this again resulted in no change.

Any ideas are appreciated.

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P Board, SN Board, SS Board should fix your trouble. Had this happen on mine and all 3 boards showed shorts to ground in critical areas. There are kits, if still available, that come with many components you will need under $20.00 for SN ans SS Boards. P Boards have no kits I have found and you will have to trouble shoot on your own to fix this board.

The alternative is to purchase second hand all the boards you need.

IMPORTANT: Do not try replacing an SN board without also replacing the SS board. You can damage you replacement boards by doing this. Same thing goes for replacing the SS Board it needs a working SN board to go with it.

NOTE: One of the primary causes for these boards going out is very simple to fix. The mounting screws for each board should all be replaced with proper size mounting screws with locking washers and tightened firmly when installing the boards. Loose screws cause loss of ground to areas causing the boards to go south.

NOTE 2: When installing the SN Board carefully position all multi-channel cables and test before replacing the back of the TV. These cables, when not properly seated will create lines, horizontal, in your picture.

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Thank you. I'll try to find used SS & SN boards, and respond with results.


I replaced the P, A, SN & SS boards, and now have a 7-blink error code. What next?


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