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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20 is a 14.1 megapixel digital camera. It is available in black, silver, red, violet, and blue and is a point-and-shoot camera.

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camera does not recognize external sim card


Wondering if there is a repair for this camera that is not recognizing the external sim card.?

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Do you mean an SD card? You may need to make sure the card is set for use with cameras, you can fiddle with it in the menu options and card options that your computer allows you to have, then you can set it for camera. Then if you get it in the camera, go to format and it can specify it with the type of camera details and processes.

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I have an memory card and new battery in camera, but does not work. I am very green about technology so don't talk in camera lingo


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Hi, same problem in 2023! (I gave this camera for my 3y old daughter). My solution was change the format FAT32 to NTFS. I have inserted the SD card again then the camera recognized and asked my to format and voila, it worked!

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