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The laptop suddenly shut down and never came back

My laptop died unexpectedly and died. I tried to turn it on with the battery only and nothing happen, tried with the wall outlet and nothing happen.

Can you help me??

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If the suggestion from ABCellars should not work, you might want to check on this.The problem could be the motherboard, and the symptoms including loss of bootup, VERY slow bootup, WiFi stops working, etc. is simply that the MOBO board overheats and fries the video driver chip. The cooling design of this PC is inadequate. Short of replacing the motherboard I do not believe that there is much that you can do. Here is something that you might try if you are up to itwill not power on... Even if you get a new MOBO you might have the problems again for as long as it has the NVidia chip. It is my understanding that there are now revised board out that have the ATI chip and do not have those issues. Good Luck

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If you have a lot of confidence in your abilities, you might want to try a soldier reflow. Basically, you expose the chip to 200 degrees of heat by way of a heat lamp for about 30 seconds. This will cause the soldier on the chip to reflow. Bottom line, you're going to replace the board anyway if this little process doesn't work. After reflowing the soldier, put some heat sink compound on top of the processor and video chips. Oh! While you are there, open up the cooling fan housing and clean out all the dirt that has built up over time.


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