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Die HTC Vive ist das erste Virtual-Reality-Headset von HTC, das gemeinsam mit Valve entwickelt und im April 2016 veröffentlicht wurde. Die Modellnummer des Geräts ist NM80PJT100.

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dust specs on the oled screen

I dropped my headset and the left lens popped out. I carefully placed it back into the socket only to find that there is now a hair and a couple pieces of dust stuck to the oled screen inside. I have seen the teardown guides to get all the way down to the screens, but is there a simpler way of just re-removing the lens itself and then carefully cleaning the inside from there?

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Have you tried a can of compressed air?


i have to get behind the lens first. when I stuck it back into the "eye socket" the glue was strong enough to hold it steady and I havent been able to remove it yet.


hows it going? think ive got the same thing.


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2 options came to me from the internet.

  1. Follow the ifixit guide on how to dissassemble the entire thing and get to the screens where you can then clean off the screen and backside of the lens.
  2. remove the lens from the housing directly. The lenses are stuck on with the equivalent of a gooey doublestick tape.

I went with option 2. I got an ifixit toolkit and used their plastic tools to pry out the lens and clean out the interior that way. Dont use metal tools!!! the lens itself is definetly softer than metal tools and you will end up scratching them if you slip at all with a pry tool. also important to note to pry then lens away from more than one location around it. The rim that it sets in is prone to being damaged. While not the end of the world, it can look a little ugly.

Also another reason to go with option 2 is that there is a good chance you will end up missing a spec or two, or even end up adding one or so when cleaning the screen and lens. Its a lot easier to redo the process for option 2 once it has been done before as the glue is a bit softer afterwards and easier to pry.

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Did this remove the specs on the screen?


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