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How do I fix iPod 4g touch sensor?

the glass of my ipod had already broken but the touch screen worked. after a while the touch screen stoped working. if i replace the screen would that fix the touch sensor? plus the wi fi stoped working.

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Yes it would, a screen replacement for the iTouch 4th gen is the digitizer glass ("touch screen") and the retina display fused together. No regarding your WiFi how did the iPod break in the first place? Water? Drop? I would try restoring, and if you are experienced enough when inside your iPod check to make sure all of the cables are properly connected.

Parts can be found on eBay and I think iFixit has parts for the 4th gen also. If you buy from anywhere other than iFixit, remember DO NOT buy the LCD separate from the glass or vise-versa.

Please vote up this answer, it would be greatly appreciated. :) Hope this helped! ;D

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my friend had droped it. and i guess it would be my fault that the censor stoped working because the glass on the top of the ipod had completely come off. there was a wire that was sticking out and for some reason i decided to put tape on it to keep the wire down. but when i removed the tape the wire had disconnected and the touch screen stoped working. then later the wi fi.

what do u mean by not to buy the lcd separate from the glass? whats the lcd? and thanks for the help:]


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Liquid Crystal Display=LCD it's what makes the picture. On top of that is the digitizer, you can't see it; it records the location of your finger like moving a mouse on a desktop. Most LCD and LED (light emitting diode) displays are "back lighted" with a fluorescent lamp (otherwise you can't see the "picture" on the screen in the dark.

What Josh means is the glass screen has the digitizer and it's attached (special glue process) to the top of the LCD. All I've seen so far come complete; you'll see two ribbon cables from the new screen.

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I dropped my ipod and the top part of the ipod works but the bottom part wont work at all. i restored., twice!! and i let it die on its own then recharged it but it just wont work. i just need to know what is the real problem on how i can try to fix it on my own, Thanks you for the help., ^__^

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When you took out the broken screen, you probably ripped the wifi cable.

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can i change the touch sensor and not the lcd?

does the touch sensor come seperate??

the lcd and touch sensor is attached together.

can i buy only the touch sensor??


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